Adriel High School

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Standing apart from the rest is Adriel High School in Delhi with its well defined morals and teachings. The school made its presence felt in the city in 2009. From then on it has made and continues to make a significant mark on the students that pass out from here. The school stands on a strong foundation that has been built from high standard values and immense respect for another. Along with the academics that it pays great attention to, it inculcates in its students the understanding of how to deal with various life situations too. The school is well recognised in the educational sector and across the city too. Owning a chief location in the place, the establishment is convenient for a number of the students. The neighbourhood is well connected and for older students who travel on their own, transport to various parts of the city is easily available.

Contact info:

Pocket-2, Rohini Sector 24, Delhi - 110085